Monday, April 10, 2017

I've packed you a bag.....Winter it's time for you to leave!

The seasons have finally changed, time to break out those dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. and bring on the good weather. I am not a fan of winter weather or cold weather period. I am all for 70 plus days and sunshine; I have compiled a list of my must haves now that the season has changed, and will also upload a video of my current skincare routine now that the season has changed; make sure to check out all my latest videos on my YouTube channel.
First things first…..B O O K S!!! I love to read, I know that’s kind of nerdy but in my spare time I do enjoy a good book. I’m drawn to urban fiction and one particular writer… Desiree, I came across her books while browsing the Amazon website. Read a few descriptions and titles and downloaded them to my Kindle app on my iPhone. I love reading a book on the go, and most if not all people have some type of mobile device in their hands at all times!!! So why not include reading into your daily phone, iPad, tablet exposure.
Desiree is a young writer/author that bases her stories on families; most settings are in the south (Atlanta to be precise); there are so many plot twist, unexpected characters, and all around drama that leaves you guessing and simply impossible to put down the book.

My top three favorites and latest release…

Some other great reads…
        The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women who started it (David J. Garrow)
        Arn’t I a Women (Deborah Gray White)
        Living in, Living out (Elizabeth Clark-Lewis)

If you want a feminist, pro woman, African American women throughout U.S history kind of read.

H A I R  C A R E
        It seems now more than ever people are moving away from processed hair rituals, most women are going to back to their roots… literally but doing a big chop (I did late last year), or simply switching to more health organic products. I have come across various products some that work some that don’t on my journey to natural, healthy growing/looking hair! All products or websites listed below are just suggestions and may not work for all hair types.

        Laboratories Klorane – Pure Botanical Care
-         Partnered with Sephora, b-glowing, Beauty Habit, and BirchBox to name a few. Klorane is a very eco conscious company that carefully selects natural resources to make its products. They are best known for …

Dry Shampoowith Oat Milk (retailed at $10.00)

Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins – Thinning Hair (retailed at $9.00)

*All of their products are very affordable and informative!!

Edges…. Ladies and Gentleman. I do not have a special website or store to visit I have been using only two inexpensive products Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Keratin Vitamins. 
Both products i picked up at my nearest target but if you prefer online shopping click the image (on sidebar)!!! 

 SheaMoisture’s 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a nutrient-rich oil with ingredients such as Omega-9 that significantly revert hair loss especially around the perimeter (edges) of your head!! This retailed in store and online at $9.00. 

I really don't have a preference in terms of the keratin pill, some people use products like HairFinity, i have a good friend that swears by it and others like myself just want the direct source/benefits with no additives. It all depends on body type and pre-existing conditions, but a pretty small dosage along with the oil, and consistency with both methods will ensure hair growth. 

Stay tuned for part two THIS THURSDAY for more steps to spring forward....I will be featuring makeup, skin care, and create a video for my updated skin routine!!!! 

Make sure you’re keeping up with me on all my social media sites!!! Just yesterday I received a notification that I made the Dean’s list!!! I am beyond proud of myself, and I hope any other students reading my blog stay motivated and focused!!

All sites are linked below and are easily viewed in full browser if on a mobile device!!

Please let me know if you have used any of the products listed below or know of any other great company’s!!!

Xoxoxo, Toni 

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I've packed you a bag.....Winter it's time for you to leave! The seasons have finally changed, time to break out tho...