Thursday, March 9, 2017

What does it really take to be a Youtuber? Does it take money? Knowing the right people? Being consistent with uploads? I think yes to all those questions!.

When I began my YouTube journey I had a vision, a vision so great and captivating! I told myself that I wouldn’t get discouraged, I would get 1 million subs, and everyone would love me. Wishful thinking! I did a lot of research before I even started my YouTube channel; I have researched YouTube and watched my favorite YouTubers for at least 3 years now. So, why did I just decide to make a YouTube channel? To be completely honest, I was bored. I have no real social life, all I do is work (2 jobs) and go to school (senior @ the mecca), and earlier this year self-diagnosed (avoidance personality disorder). 

I wanted to do something so different and so out of routine! I drafted what my YouTube channel would look like, what I would talk about, and my channel name all in a day; I really felt proud of myself. I’ve had the support of my mother and younger sister from the beginning (my sister is featured in the first 4 videos). I think I was at 0 subscribers and 0 views for at least a week, but that didn’t stop me. I am currently at 5 subscribers and 98 views, which isn’t much compared to others but it’s a start.

Some tips I have learned since being on YouTube....

1. Be consistent
- even though you don’t have many subscribers or views at all, consistency is key! YouTube will promote you for free!! With my 5 subscribers, I have managed to monetize my videos and set up an AdSense account (current balance $0.03). 
2. Tag
- TAG, TAG, TAG! you must tag your videos if you want them to be watched. popular tags can be searched depending on the content your discussing and tagging also insures that your video can be grouped with similar content and recommended for the viewer.
3. Equipment
- I am no expert in equipment! my current set up is a DIY diva ring light (click for video), my iPhone 7 plus, and a TV stand. Natural lighting is also your best friend, mainly because its free! 
4. Motivate
- you must motivate yourself!!! never give up, the results aren’t going to happen overnight!! unless you pay for views and subs--- which I don’t recommend! 

Thanks for reading my little rant, comeback tomorrow for another topic!
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xoxo, Toni 

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