Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cosmically Challenged or nah?

          I have struggled the past couple of days with finding topics to write for my blog. I told myself to think of something simple, like a behavior, feeling, etc. that are a part of my routine. Horoscopes! Is what I came up with, every morning I check my daily horoscope via the “Daily Horoscope” app, with my choice of a turquoise background. If I don’t check it right away I check it as soon as I get to class or work.

          My day just does not seem to begin if I don’t check my horoscope, it sometimes gives me confidence and insight into my day ahead.  If I have extra time, I will reference those similarities to that of Yahoo and their horoscope page. Has your day/week/month, questions, or decisions been based off a horoscope?

          I was born July 12, so that makes me a cancer! My profile:
Compassionate Cancer, your nurturing spirit is like a welcome-home embrace, feathery as a goose-down blanket and stable as a pillar in the Roman Colosseum. You're the zodiac's Mother Goddess, ruler of the nest. Playing caretaker comes as naturally to you as breathing. Not that you'd bless just anyone with your maternal gifts. Over time, your shell hardens as you learn to protect your soft underbelly from harsh outside influences—callous, careless people who don't respect the sanctity of tender emotions. All applicants desiring your trust must prove their merit and valor. You'd rather have three amazing friends than 50 casual acquaintances.   
For you, intimacy is the be-all, end-all—even if it takes you aeons to get to that stage. Female friends are your lifeblood, as the spirit of sisterhood blazes fiercely within you. Unfortunately, your trust issues can limit you from venturing into the world. At some point, you must decide to take a risk; otherwise life becomes dull and decidedly limited. (yesterdays post)

Because you're ruled by the emotional moon (as well as being a highly sensitive water sign), your feelings wax and wane without explanation.
Romantically, your standards can be breathtakingly high, you weather long bouts of celibacy waiting for The One to reveal himself. Fortunately, your destiny is not to be alone. That family-oriented prince is a stone's throw away, waiting for you to lower the drawbridge so he can gallop in without a stinging rejection (you can be intimidating, believe it or not).

Ruler: the empathetic, ever-changing, emotional moon

Your gifts: creativity, emotional intelligence, a nurturing and sisterly spirit

Your issues: cliquishness, cheapness, cattiness (cheapness…yes)

Your saving grace: your razor-sharp (and petal-soft) maternal instincts

Your path: to create the spirit of family wherever you go

Your fashion inspiration: Louis Vuitton, Badgley Mischka

Love 'em: Scorpio, Capricorn

Notsomuch: Sagittarius, Aquarius (I actually have a good friend that’s an Aquarius)

Celebrity starmates: Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Gisele B√ľndchen, Pamela Anderson

Sooooooo basically I cry a lot, I will be a great mother, and I have expensive taste but I’m cheap.  

          Some of the traits mentioned are factual and I have experienced a great deal of, I think I have always been in tune with my cosmic background and shifts in the atmosphere. I am a very intuitive person and take pride in my ability to read a situation or person.
          I have read ‘forecasts’ that have been completely wrong and then I’ve read some that have been spot on...
DISCLAIMER: this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in a higher being or put all my hope and faith in a horoscope.
Do you guys read horoscopes? Repost memes? Hashtag your pics with #airesseason, #libraseason etc.?, or do you not believe at all?

Leave your comments about your experiences or answers to the questions above!!!

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Xoxoxo, Toni 


  1. I used to read my horoscope all the time (especially growing up) but I haven't in awhile. I'm a gemini so I always have two different moods going on, LOL

  2. Oh i do once in a blue moon.......I do not really believe in it so I only check when i just feel like checking =D #libra

  3. hmmm wow never thought about that, i need to go do some research

  4. I started slacking on my horoscopes. I used to read them everyday but it's been a while. This was a good read, made me want to go find mine.


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