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Affirmations aren’t realistic?

For the longest time, I didn’t believe in affirmations, I didn’t think they were effective or realistic. Saying things out loud or to yourself daily, just didn’t seem like a realistic goal to me. I have to many other things to preoccupy my mind and to remember; being a senior with a huge course load (7 classes) and two part-time jobs. Life’s pressures are like roller coasters, one day you can be up the next you could be down. One day things can be going your way and you think you’re clear out of your rut, but just around the corner is the bottom of that roller coaster (sorry for the visual aid – hope no one is getting motion sickness).
    Through my academic career and this new ‘adulting’ phase of my life I have learned to look at hardships, setbacks, and misfortunes as breakthroughs! My ability to ‘breakthrough’ a tough situation and make it to the other side, telling myself that my circumstances could be worst. The entire time not realizing that I am making up affirmations. It was different when I read someone else’s motivational blog, speech, video, etc. Those affirmations were for them, they weren’t for me; yes, most affirmations can be universal, but the key is to listen to your voice and apply words/sayings that best fit your life.

    4 easy Steps to making your own affirmations...
1.       Listen, Listen, Listen to your voice (the little voice inside your head)
-   You may already have affirmations that you didn’t realize.
2.     Evaluate your life
-   Make a pros/cons list, reflect on years past (what, where, and how was your life 2 years ago?)
3.     Don’t overthink it!
-   Keep your affirmations simple, they shouldn’t be unrealistic, they should be believable…the only impression you’re making is on yourself
4.     Be hopeful
-   The whole idea of an affirmation is to confirm something or some feeling that you want, you have, or you see. Declare your feelings and be hopeful, uplifted, and inspired.

I hope that everyone has a great take away from this blog! I don’t have the all the answers, just wanted to share my process with all of you, please let me know what are some of your goals, affirmations, and motivations are in the comment section!

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Xoxoxo, Toni


  1. I don't think anyone has all the answers but you're doing a great thing by setting up a positive atmosphere for growth & success! I also used to think those suggestions to say positive thing s to yourself in the mirror were rubbish but We had a discussion in psychology class about a video proving that positive & negative words actually have a physical effect. Check it out. It should be on youtube. Since then I shifted my mindset!

  2. thank you for your feedback, i will be sure to find the video!!

  3. I need to listen to my little voice more....It always gives me the best advice but I always go back and forward with myself and add in doubt. Great post!

    1. thank you for your feedback!! the best way for me is to eliminate distractions...i've used headspace (meditation app)!

  4. First of all am loving this font
    Secondly I need to stop overthinking though is so hard
    Lastly I love your blog ����

  5. Thanks you!!' I was a little reluctant to this font, I thought it wouldn't be overthinking 😂


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